How much will Juventus lose from Jeep if they don’t qualify for the Champions League?

Juventus lost 15 points after being punished by the FIGC for using capital gains.

The Bianconeri are still one of the top clubs in Serie A, but their financial situation in recent seasons has been under scrutiny and the first penalty for blacks and whites is 15 deductions.

Juve intend to appeal, but at this point they may not be able to play in the Champions League next season, which could be costly.

report on tuttojube Juve have revealed that they will lose €2 million from their €45 million contract with Jeep per season if they do not finish in the top four.

If the Bianconeri finish outside the Europa League standings, there will be an additional €2 million loss.

Juve FC’s comments

We plan to appeal this decision and hope that it will be overturned as this punishment is severe. There will be

Other sponsors and business partners may also include clauses in their transactions with us that will incur costs if they do not qualify for the Champions League.

There are still many points to be won and the team can take this setback as a challenge to overcome. This could motivate the group to win more matches and qualify for the UCL.

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