Hundreds celebrate life of automotive icon Frank Bommarito

st. LOUIS – Hundreds of people gathered inside St. Louis Cathedral on Tuesday to celebrate the life of local automotive icon Frank Bomarito.

From humble beginnings in South St. Louis to helping build one of the most successful automotive groups in and around the St. Louis area, Frank J. Bomarito has loved his family, loved his family, and values ​​hard work.

“We are truly honored as a family with the support we have received from the St. Louis community. It is absolutely amazing,” said John Bomarito, Frank’s son and president of Bomarito Automotive Group. Told.

Inside the Cathedral Basilica, Bomarito was remembered not only for the business he built, but also for the way he built it.

“You knew you were in front of someone who cared when he held your hand,” said Msgr. Vincent Bomarito. “Someone who looked at you and gave you human dignity and special existence. That’s an incredible quality.”

“Some of his best friends, dear friends, took him to a big empty parking lot. What a gang!” said Dick Piacek, a lifelong friend of Bomarito.

A Navy veteran and Golden Gloves boxer, he worked in the auto industry, eventually opening his first dealership in Ellisville in 1971. That Oldsmobile his store became the foundation of what is now Bomarito Automotive his group. It became the number one dealer in Missouri and one of his Top 50 in the country.

“What he taught us is to treat people as you would like to be treated in the same situation. We live with our employees,” said John Bomarito.

“He was such an icon. He was a very generous and decent person.

Bommarito’s success gave him an opportunity to advance. He has supported countless charities throughout the St. Louis area, especially close to his heart. The campus of his alma mater, St. Mary High School, is named after him.

“That lasting memory made him feel loved and always gave some direction whenever someone impressed him or met him.” , he did the same with the whole family,” said John Bomarito.

Known for his slogan, “Where prices sell cars,” those who know him best refer to his legacy as “priceless.”

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