Hyundai-Genesis, Toyota, Stellantis and Ford dealerships sell in Q3, Q4 deals

Longtime owner of Frontier Toyota in Valencia, California, Joe Caso sold his dealership to first-time owner Aman Abraham late last year.

Abraham’s newly formed Los Angeles-based Addis Automotive Group purchased the store on November 11. He maintains the Frontier Toyota name for his Southern California store. Caso has owned the dealership since 1988.

Abraham said car news After emigrating from Ethiopia at the age of 12, he entered the automotive retail industry in college to earn tuition. was the general manager of Toyota.

He said he had considered buying a dealership for a while, but was waiting for the opportunity to buy a Toyota dealership, abandoning other deals to pursue his goals.

“Frankly, I have never seen a brand that is a true partner in so many ways, including the level of support and commitment to success,” said Abraham. “If I bet everything, I want to do it with a reliable partner.”

Several staff members have been with Frontier for many years, and Abraham said those who wanted to stay at Frontier were given the opportunity to do so.

Abraham said he hopes to eventually have more outlets. But he said he would wait a few years to settle on the frontier before looking elsewhere.

Abraham said Damon Lester, the former president of the National Minority Auto Dealers Association, said he would close the deal, with support from the Toyota Motor North America regional team and several people in Toyota’s finance department. I believe it helped me complete it.

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