Hyundai hikes i20 prices by up to ₹21,500, removes turbo iMT variant

Hyundai has again raised prices for its premium hatchback i20 and sportier version i20 N-Line.With his second price hike in just over four months, the Korean automaker has pushed the i20’s price to its maximum. ¥21,500. Hyundai not only raised the price but also retooled the i20 lineup by removing certain variants. The last time this model received a price increase was in September of last year, just before the holiday season.

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January 31, 2023, 13:46 PM

Prices for both Hyundai i20 and i20 N-Line variants have increased with the latest price increase.

Of all the variants, those offered with turbo petrol units received the biggest price increases ¥21,500.Hatchback pricing starts now ¥at 71,800 rupees, ¥Rs 11.68 lakh (before showroom) for top spec Asta(O) variant with DCT transmission. Hyundai has also increased the price of his N-Line version of the i20. Offered in N6 and N8 with iMT gearbox and N8 with DCT gearbox, the i20 N-Line ¥16,500. N-Line variant prices from now ¥10.16 lark, max ¥Rs 121,200 for top end variant (ex showroom).

model old price ( ¥former showroom) new price ( ¥former showroom)
hyundai i20 7.07 million to 11.47 million 71,800 – 116,800
Hyundai i20 N line 100,000 rupees to 119,600 rupees 101,600 – 121,200

In addition to raising the price of its premium hatchback, Hyundai has refreshed its lineup a bit. The South Korean automaker has dropped the variant with the iMT gearbox from its Turbo petrol lineup of hatchbacks. Introduced just a few years ago, the iMT gearbox was available with a 6-speed unit. Hyundai currently offers the i20 with only the DCT gearbox. However, the iMT gearbox is offered on his N-Line variant of the model.

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The Hyundai i20 and i20 N-Line models are available with three different engines. There is his 1.2 liter unit that powers the i20 and comes in both manual and iVT gearboxes. This engine is capable of producing 82bhp and 115Nm of maximum torque. Hyundai also offers a 1.0-liter turbo petrol unit that produces 118 bhp of power and is mated to a DCT gearbox. The i20 N-Line is equipped with a 1.0 liter Turbo GDi petrol unit mated to an iMT or DCT gearbox. Generates 120 hp of maximum power and 175 Nm of maximum torque.

First issue date: January 31, 2023 13:46 PM

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