Hyundai i20 Loses iMT Variant, Turbo Petrol Variant Now DCT Automatic Only

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  • The turbo petrol variant of the Hyundai i20 currently only gets a Dual Clutch (DCT) transmission.

  • The 1.2 liter NA petrol and 1.5 liter diesel variants remain unchanged.

  • The i20 N Line will continue to be equipped with the 1-litre Turbo petrol engine with iMT and DCT options.

  • Retail prices for the i20 start at Rs 71,800 and turbo petrol from Rs 101,100 (ex-showroom).

Hyundai has retuned the turbo petrol version of its premium hatchback i20. The clutchless manual transmission (iMT) has been discontinued and turbo petrol is only available in the dual clutch automatic (DCT). The DCT is the sportier transmission, while the iMT was a budget option, something between a stick-shift and a fully automatic transmission.

Hyundai i20 variants and specs

The i20 continues to offer three engine options: the base specification 1.2 liter naturally aspirated (NA) petrol engine, a 1 liter turbo petrol engine and a 1.5 liter diesel unit. Even with fewer transmission options, there are still four transmissions available, including two different manuals.

The base engine is a 5-speed manual (MT) as standard and an iVT (CVT) automatic as an option. The diesel unit has a 6-speed manual gearbox, while the turbo petrol engine has only a 7-speed DCT.

1.2 liter NA gasoline engine

1 liter turbo petrol engine

1.5 liter diesel engine






115 Nm

172 Nm

240 Nm

Sending options

5MT, iVT


6 MT

In terms of pure power, the turbo petrol wins, but the diesel unit isn’t far behind with 100PS and 240Nm of torque output.

new i20 price

The i20 is currently priced at Rs 7.19 lakh to Rs 11.84 lakh. Here’s a breakdown of pricing by engine:

engine option

original showroom price

1.2L petrol

Rs 7.19 million to Rs 10.91 million

1 liter turbo gasoline DCT

Rs 10.11 lakh to Rs 11.84 lakh

1.5 liter diesel

Rs 8.43 lakh to Rs 10.99 lakh

All prices are ex showroom Delhi

The iMT wasn’t about shifting speed or convenience, but it did help bring down the price of the avid turbo petrol model. His entry-level iMT Turbo petrol model cost him Rs 8.88 lakh before being discontinued. However, the DCT variant, currently priced from Rs 10.11 lakh, makes him less turbo petrol available than the iMT by Rs 1.23 lakh.

hyundai i20 n line price

Hyundai has not retuned the i20 N line variant and here are the prices regarding its drivetrain.

engine option

original showroom price

1 liter turbo petrol iMT

Rs 10.16 lakh to Rs 11.19 lakh

1 liter turbo gasoline DCT

Rs 12.12 Rough

Excluding the price of the dual tone variant

Pricing for the i20 N Line base variant with iMT is about the same as the entry-level turbo petrol model of the standard i20 hatchback. If you don’t mind paddling your own gear, the clutchless manual N line offers a racier aesthetic, a sportier suspension setup and a stinking exhaust note than the standard i20.

The Hyundai i20 will take on the Maruti Baleno, Toyota Granza and Tata Altros.

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