Improved Data Center easier to use, more personalized

The newly redesigned Automotive News Research & Data Center offers easier navigation and more personalized access to industry data.

Subscribers can use the new dashboard feature to pin specific data points relevant to their industry role. Pinned data updates automatically so users can identify and monitor changing trends.

The site has an updated look, improved functionality, and new menus and filters to help you find important data sets faster.

“This is the biggest improvement since we created the data center in January 2015,” said Mary Raetz, Director of Automotive News Research & Data Center.

Full use of the site is provided through a Data Center subscription. car news. Includes:

  • Customizable market reports for sales, production and inventory
  • List of largest suppliers, top sales distributor groups, executive compensation and assembly plants
  • Experian data on loyalty rates, registrations and fleets in operation
  • Market scan data for incentives and monthly payments

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