India’s First Mahindra Thar With Chopped Roof Looks Like Vintage-era Jeep

If current Tar convertible variants aren’t enough for open-top driving adventures, the door- and roofless Tar won’t disappoint.

For those who love open-top cars, the Mahindra Thar is the most affordable convertible you can buy today. Those who want the wind in their hair will skip the hardtop variant and opt for the softtop instead. But even that SUV is kept safe from the outside world, with upright windshields, doors and roll cages in place so you can only undress within legal safety limits. .

That’s what this Mahindra Tar, modified by Mangalore-based KAM Customs, aims to change with a chopped roof and removable custom roll cage.

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Chopped Roof Mahindra Thar

The Mahindra Thar pictured here is more than just a chopped roof. The original his SUV’s windshield frame, door frames and roll cage were structural components, so they were replaced with bespoke parts and assemblies. The windshield is now a foldable unit, similar to the older Mahindra Jeep and newer Jeep Wranglers that still offer this feature.

KAM Customs also manufactured a new roll cage for the SUV that mounts to the A, B, and C pillar mounting points and is removable. In addition, the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat are equipped with a soft top canopy.

Without the original door frame, the tar door also had to be removed, so the modifier created a simple tube frame door with no windows. Those changes aside, Tarr is basically stock, even with the gray steel wheels found on his SUV in base spec.

Chopping a tar roof may seem like a no-brainer, but getting this kind of modification right requires careful planning and meticulous metalworking. We have to admit, KAM Customs did a great job with the removable roll cage. This way the Thar can be used on-road as an open-top vintage his jeep, or as an off-roader with a fixed roll cage.

What is the use of chopped roof tar?

KAM Customs built this tar for Members of Parliament (MPs) so it will be used during voting campaigns during elections. This explains why the Tar has no rear seats and a PA (Public Relations) system. Without a roof, the tar could offer voters a great view of potential candidates and vice versa.

So what about chopped roof tar? Want to meet your local representative during your next election campaign? Let us know in the comments.

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