Innova Releases Software and Firmware Updates to Optimize Automotive Diagnostic Experience

Free update provides OBD2 scanner users with expanded model year range, added features and enhancements to the RepairSolutions2 app

irvine, california, January 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Innova Electronics Corporation, a leading supplier of test equipment and diagnostic reports for the automotive aftermarket, announces the availability of the latest software and firmware releases for current generation OBD2 scanner tools and dongles To do. Innova diagnostic tool owners are advised to perform a software/firmware update to optimize performance and take advantage of added enhancements.

New/additional functions

  • Coverage and support for vehicles up to model year 2022
  • Improved OBD2 Live Data Parameter (PID) list with quick selection to record data and send to server via RepairSolutions2 app.
  • More active tests to support popular vehicle manufacturers such as GM, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, and special tests such as battery reset, battery initialization, battery and alternator test, maintenance light reset Extended tool functionality including
  • We have added a QR code to the package so that tool owners can easily download the RepairSolutions2 app. RepairSolutions2, a free app that works as a companion to the Innova OBD2 tool or as a standalone app, allows users to create vehicle condition reports, obtain verified repairs and parts, and view predicted repairs. You can

The update also adds several enhancements and new features to compatible dongle tools, including the Innova 1000 CarScan Mobile device that allows users to turn their smartphones into advanced OBD2 scanners. New features include maintenance and oil light resets, battery reset procedures, battery initialization for compatible BMW, Ford and Volvo vehicles, and the ability to run battery and alternator tests.

Innova OBD tool owners should refer to the user manual or visit the Innova product support page to check coverage and obtain available update instructions.

Enhanced RepairSolutions2 app

Earlier this year, Innova released a redesigned RepairSolutions2 app to help more vehicle owners. This update includes a new U/I to help DIY enthusiasts get the most out of their Innova OBD2 scanners and solve problems faster, as well as a valuable driver even if you don’t own OBD yet. It included a tool-free option to provide drivers with vehicle health and maintenance information. scanner. With over 1.5 million downloads, RepairSolutions2 is a top 20 automotive app on both the Apple App store and Google Play store, earning positive reviews from both tool owners and non-tool owners . The reviewer describes the combination of the tool and app as “…great,” “easier for homebrew mechanics,” and “allows you to diagnose exactly what’s going on in your vehicle.”

No Tools, No Problems

Previously only available as a guided diagnostics companion app to pair Innova OBD2 Scan Tool, the RepairSolutions2 app recently added features for non-tool owners. If you own a car, pickup truck, SUV, minivan, or hybrid, download the RepairSolutions2 app for scheduled maintenance, safety recalls, predictive repairs, 5-year cost of ownership, and diagnostic code lookup. We encourage you to access valuable vehicle health and maintenance information, including ups.

When paired with an Innova OBD2 scanner, the app provides guided repair diagnostics and troubleshooting Check engine light issues, vehicle impact, number of validated DTC fixes available, videos on repair process, in-app parts ordering, and more It also offers the additional benefits of Automated LifeTime links from participating auto dealers such as Amazon, Advance Auto Parts, and Walmart. LifeTime Link is Innova’s way of supporting our aftermarket retail partners, helping us retain customers and grow our business by bringing them back to our physical or online stores for convenient parts purchases. Helpful. For over 30 years, Innova has been one of the world’s largest vehicle health and diagnostic platforms with validated fixes, parts and guidance for troubleshooting vehicle issues, including Check Engine Light issues has been built.

Current RepairSolutions2 app users who opted for automatic updates will be able to use the updated app immediately, while other users will be prompted that a “new update is available” and will not be able to download the latest version. is recommended.

About Innova

For over 30 years, Innova Electronics Corporation has been a leading supplier of test equipment and diagnostic reports to the automotive aftermarket, providing quality products, innovative diagnostics, and value to our customers. Innova products are sold from facilities in the United States and Canada, as well as major auto retailers such as Advance Auto Parts, Amazon, AutoZone, CarQuest, Canadian Tire, Harbor Freight, NAPA Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts and Pep Boys. sold by traders. others. All his Innova products are researched, developed and designed from the ground up at our headquarters in Irvine, CA and feature licensing information. A pioneer in on-board diagnostic (OBD) systems, his Innova has become an automotive diagnostic tool and diagnostic process for a variety of applications such as diagnosing current defects, predicting future defects, and automated/e-commerce solutions for promotional sales. Over 80 related US patents. of parts and services related to current and future defects in the vehicle; For more information, please visit

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