intoPIX Shows the New Lightweight Video Compression Standards and Technologies Driving Automotive at CES 2023

Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium–(business wire)–IntoPIX, a leading expert in lightweight image and video compression technologies, will be presenting innovative lightweight compression technologies and standards dedicated to improving and simplifying automotive sensor and video connectivity at CES in Las Vegas. Introduce a range.

Over the past few years, intoPIX has worked intensively with the ISO JPEG committee to co-create a new JPEG XS lightweight compression standard designed to efficiently and easily replace uncompressed video. The JPEG XS lightweight compression standard simplifies connections, manages more pixels, saves cost and power, and preserves quality without latency. It works with all kinds of video formats, from RAW color filter arrays to YUV and RGB.

Two families are highlighted for automotive applications: silicon IP cores and software. TicoXS is the intoPIX range for JPEG XS lightweight compression and TicoRAW is the intoPIX range for RAW sensor compression. These are showcased in various use cases during the show at the intoPIX booth and other partner booths (including Lattice Semiconductor).

A CES demonstration will allow visitors to appreciate the codec’s impeccable quality. There is no difference between the source and the resulting image after zero-latency lightweight compression.

These mezzanine compressions are important enablers of technology development as they offer innovative solutions to many of the problems facing automotive electronics manufacturers today.

  • Latency of just a few microseconds, or less than 1 millisecond. – With compression to react on time.

  • Maintain lossless quality so that human and machine vision can make the right decisions and transfer the right information.

  • Lower video and sensor bandwidth, leverage existing transmission technologies, extend cable distances, and increase resolution (or bit depth, HDR, frame rate, etc.) with less complexity.

  • Reduce device cost and power consumption by reducing interfaces, cables and storage while maintaining compliance with existing protocols such as MIPI and Automotive Ethernet.

IntoPIX Welcomes All Automotive Engineers, Product Managers, and Other Stakeholders to Discover New Tiny Compression at Booth #55932 at Venetian Expo during CES2023 January 5-8 in Las Vegas To do. You can book your meeting directly here:

About intoPIX

intoPIX creates and licenses innovative image processing and compression solutions. We provide unique IP cores and efficient software solutions to manage more pixels, maintain quality without delay, save cost and power, and simplify storage and connectivity. We are passionate about providing people with a quality imaging experience. Our solutions pave the way for new automotive designs, reduce costs, replace uncompressed video, and always maintain the highest quality and lowest latency.

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