Inventory struggles top dealer council concerns

What are dealers most concerned about at the NADA Show? Inventory is the same thing that has existed for at least the last 18 months.

As inventory days began to slowly rise from historically low levels, most of the leaders of the 26-member Dealer Council car news Interviewed for a series of Q&As, mentioned some of the inventory status results.

  • Steve Gates, of the Gates Auto Family, has worked as a car dealer for 30 years, but never thought he’d be able to stock as little as he did last year. “I was totally convinced,” he said, “when this all started, I thought I should jump off the bridge.
  • Tyler Slade, operating partner at Tim Dahl Nissan Southtown outside Salt Lake City, said a valuable lesson was learned. To overcome tight inventory, “stores advertise inventory and post Monroney’s estimated delivery dates in showroom windows. Customers can sign their names on Monroney and leave a security deposit on the car.” This is efficient and has proven to be a good best practice.”
  • Don Flo, CEO of Flow Automotive in Winston-Salem, N.C., said Audi “lost market share last year, but it had nothing to do with changing the product. But in 2023. The headlines for all the brands in the game will be the same.Whoever has the chips wins.

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