Jaguar Land Rover dealers carry on amid corporate turmoil

The disruption at Jaguar Land Rover’s UK headquarters has not affected dealers, said Larry Ginn, chairman of the Jaguar Land Rover Retailers Cabinet.

CEO Thierry Ballore left the company abruptly in December after only two years on the job.

Jaguar’s reinvention as an all-electric ultra-luxury brand is well underway, with three new models due to be unveiled in about two years.

And while most of JLR’s competitors have found ways to make big profits while dealing with the microchip shortage, JLR hasn’t made a quarterly profit in almost two years.

The automaker has over 250,000 backlogs for Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Defender.

But the shortage of vehicles isn’t all bad news. It reduced incentives and encouraged customers to order cars with customized features that were often expensive.

Zinn said 2022 was a great year for dealers.

“Jaguar Land Rover dealerships are performing at a very high level compared to the rest of the luxury industry,” Jin said. car news“Long-term, if inventories normalize, margins will definitely fall, but volumes will increase. It’s the offset we need to make.In addition, more volume means more service and parts sales.”

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