Jeep 4xe Owners Complaining That EV Mode Doesn’t Work At All In Cold Weather

Some Wrangler and Grand Cherokee owners claim the 4xe models won’t run on electricity alone to keep the engine warm

To Sebastian Bell

Jan 19, 2023 16:02

    Jeep 4xe owners complain that EV mode doesn't work at all in cold weather

To Sebastian Bell

Keller Rohrback’s law firm says it is “investigating allegations” that the Jeep brand misled customers about the capabilities of its 4xe plug-in hybrid model. According to The Drive, the company points to customer complaints that its eco-friendly benefits are effectively neutralized during several months of his year when the weather gets colder.

Specifically, the allegations involve the 2021-2022 Jeep Wrangler 4xe and Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe, both of which have electric motors and modestly sized battery packs that use less fuel and can be used for shorter distances. In the case of , it can run on electric power only. .

However, some owners have complained that their vehicles are not achieving the advertised gas mileage or winter electric driving. It is related to what is called a “Refresh Mode” (FORM), which is used to protect the engine in cold conditions and ensure that it is within acceptable limits by running the engine. .

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    Jeep 4xe owners complain that EV mode doesn't work at all in cold weather

In fact, looking at forums and Reddit threads, many contributors are complaining that their 4xe vehicles are stuck in this mode. The problem, as claimed by the owners, is that in this mode the engine runs all the time, making it impossible to drive on electric power alone.

We reached out to Jeep for more information on FORM mode and a statement regarding the law firm’s investigation. However, Keller Rohrback said the allegations made in those complaints allege that Jeep “misled customers as to the functioning of the vehicle’s electric capabilities for which they paid a premium.”

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In fact, according to Jeep’s website, the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe model starts at $60,360, making it the second most expensive trim offered by the automaker in 2022. range.

But the good news is that there may be a solution. A member of the Jeep community speculates that he will leave FORM mode on until the engine oil reaches a temperature above 192 degrees F (88C) for 20 minutes. To help with this, owners can purchase a grill cover from Mopar that helps the engine warm up faster.

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