Jeep Avenger 2023 new electric car review, pictures, UK price

The Avenger is the first of four new battery-electric Jeep models coming by 2025. The small SUV will be followed by the Recon, a model similar to the Cherokee, Wagoneer and Wrangler. It doesn’t look good. One might wonder if it “touched a bland cane,” said the Daily Telegraph. Still, for a first attempt at a Jeep, it’s compact, not cramped, and economical without being cheap.

Inside, What Car? said Jeep has made the Avenger’s storage space “best in class,” with plenty of stowage space and two-thirds of the dashboard with trays for things like cellphones and keys. I’m here. There are two he 10.3-inch screens (one he for the driver and one for infotainment) with “smooth” graphics and smartphone mirroring. The material inside is “average” for its class and is very compact. It can seat 5 adults, but it’s not comfortable.

“Purists may scoff at the idea of ​​a front-wheel-drive, purely electric off-road vehicle,” but Jeep has done a good job of maintaining the brand’s “go anywhere” ethos, says Auto Express. Told. Steering is quick and stable in corners. Under the rear seat he has 10 modules and under the front he has a 54 kWh battery consisting of 7 modules. With fast charging, it can be charged from 20% to 80% in 24 minutes and has a range of 249 to 342 miles. UK prices start at £34,000.

Jeep Avenger: in pictures

Jeep Avenger UK starting price £34,000Jeep Avenger UK starting price £34,000Jeep Avenger UK starting price £34,000

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