Jeep Avenger electric SUV to launch from £36,500

Jeep’s first foray into the electric market, the Avenger, will go on sale in Europe this summer with prices starting at £36,500.

The baby electric Jeep, which has already won the 2023 European Car of the Year award despite not being launched yet, is now part of the giant Stellantis group, and the US brand has made its way to Europe. aims to attract new customers, especially focusing on young, female buyers.

Same 54kWh battery as in about the same size Stellantis stablemates DS 3 E-Tense and Vauxhall Mokka Electric offer a range of up to 248 miles. Jeep previously claimed it could go as high as 342 miles depending on driving conditions, according to WLTP Cycles. P.Water is directed to the front wheels via a single 154bhp, 192lb ft electric motor.

The smallest car the brand has ever produced, the Avenger is set to join Jeep’s three other electric vehicles on the continent by 2025.

These are the premier Wagoneer S premium SUV and the extreme, off-road-focused Recon (both electric, coming to the U.S. first), with a final, yet-to-be-announced electric model Coming – explains CEO Christian Meunier as a vision for the future of the brand.

The Avenger itself is “right sized” for Europe, said Antonella Bruno, head of Jeep’s European division.

Bruno confirmed that the car is “equal or better” than the larger Jeep Renegade 4xe when used off-road, and said, “What makes it different is its capabilities.”

The Avenger, which is now on order, will use a new version of Stellantis’ ECMP platform. The current version of the architecture will be used for the EV and Combustion versions of the similarly sized Stellantis model. Jeep says this gives it “impressive” ground clearance and segment-topping breakovers and approach angles. A large trunk and modern interior will also appear to attract a new customer base, Bruno added.

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