Jeep club pulls stranded semi-trucks up hill on Interstate 20 during winter storm

Winter storms of snow, sleet and freezing rain make roads slippery and dangerous. Officials are urging people in North Texas to stay off the roads on Tuesday and Wednesday as icy conditions continue.

In one scene on Tuesday afternoon, a semi truck was heading west on Interstate 20, struggling to climb the hills of Cedar Ridge near Loop 408. Jeep Owners Club Carnales Off Road is here to help.

Vicente García of the Grand Prairie said she came to help after work had stopped around 11am on Tuesday.He emailed some friends with the idea of ​​helping a stranded car instead of staying at home.

“Shall we do something good?” he said news“And everyone agreed. We got together and here we are.”

‘People need help’: Jeep driver helps rescue stranded car from icy North Texas road

He said it takes about three jeeps to move one semi truck, depending on the truck load.

“It was pretty bad,” said Engel Munis, pointing to the snowy hills behind him. “I could see a whole pile of cicadas stuck there and not moving. So we started pulling them one by one.”

Traffic is stopped along westbound I-20 near Cedar Ridge Drive and Loop 408 in Dallas on Tuesday, January 31, 2023.(Elias Valverde II/Staff Photographer)

Muniz said the club decided to offload work from paramedics in the freezing cold for four-wheel-drive owners. He said more than 10 jeeps showed up Tuesday morning to move about 15 vehicles, including semi-trucks, cars and trucks.

A member of the Carnales Off Road Jeep Club stands with others along westbound I-20 near Loop 408...
Members of the Carnales Off-Road Jeep Club stand along westbound I-20 near Loop 408 as other members clear a stranded driver in Dallas, Tuesday, January 31, 2023. .(Elias Valverde II/Staff Photographer)

“And we’re still working on it,” he said around 3:30 p.m.

The group is scheduled to return to the road tomorrow to help stranded vehicles.

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