Jeep Compass Crashes at 120 km/h, Owner Praises Build Quality

  • The Jeep Compass is a rugged and powerful premium midsize SUV with excellent driving dynamics.
  • I was recently involved in a high speed crash due to flooding.
  • Despite the high speed, it was possible to save the crew.

In a recent incident, a Jeep Compass crashed at high speed. The Compass is a premium midsize SUV that is popular among car enthusiasts for its maneuverability. On top of that, the Compass incorporates a rich legacy associated with Jeep over the last few decades. Therefore, people find a definite appeal in SUVs. Sales may not be as high due to stiff competition from other players in the market, but the Compass-loving niche audience loves it.

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Jeep Compass crashes at 120 km/h

This video was uploaded by Nikhil Rana to his YouTube channel. He regularly posts videos and content about the importance of safe cars and road safety. This time the video reports a major accident of his jeep and his compass in Andhra Pradesh. Details of this horrific event have been shared by the owner. He said he was driving to a gas station with his friend in the rain. However, the speed of the SUV was around 120 km/h.

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The flooding caused the SUV to lose traction and eventually hit a partition and jump to the other side. Unfortunately, a truck was heading from the opposite lane and hit the compass on the driver’s side. Looking at the car, I can’t believe this all happened with an SUV. The bodyshell and side pillars absorbed the impact well, allowing the occupants to escape unscathed. The owner can’t stop raving about his quality of this SUV and its build.

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Overspeed prevention

Excessive speed remains the most common cause of traffic accidents in our country. Especially in such weather conditions, you should drive with extreme caution. When it rains, the roads are filled with water, making it difficult to determine its depth. So waterlogging is a common phenomenon and leads to many unfortunate accidents. Stay safe and obey traffic rules. Please share your thoughts on this.

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Jeep Compass crashes at 120 km/h

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