Jeep drivers help rescue drivers stuck in ice on Dallas highway

DALLAS — Dozens of semi-drivers were stranded on Interstate 20 in Dallas on Tuesday as truck drivers lost little to no traction in icy conditions.

Thankfully, a handful of good people got some pretty bad weather news.

“We are pulling the semi-finals!” Angel Muniz said.

Muniz is part of the ‘Carnales Off Road’, a club for people who ride off-road jeeps.

On Tuesday, instead of enjoying the usual off-road ride, the group hooked up a small jeep to a large semi-trailer and towed it off the interstate.

“Toe straps, shackles, everything!” Munis added.

Amie Gomez is also a member of Carnales Off Road.

“We pulled out a few cars, mostly truck drivers. We know they’re probably tired of driving, so while we can It’s good,” she told WFAA.

“It’s just sad to see them stranded,” she added. And I know others do too.

“The reality is, it sucks,” says Muniz. “We just want people to be safe.”

Muniz said the group will return Wednesday if necessary after successfully towing more vehicles than they could count.

“I think we’ve accomplished what we came here for, and that’s great.”

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