Jeep Officially Licensed Apparel Line Designed By Black Woman from Chicago – NBC Chicago

For Mariama Davis, the Jeep Wrangler is more than just a vehicle. She named it “Her Love Story” because of her love for Jeep culture, a culture only Jeep enthusiasts can understand, she says.

“People at Jeep are different…we wear literally anything to show that we’re part of the culture,” Davis said. , it might be a hat

Wearing apparel and designing it yourself are two different things. But that’s exactly what Davis did. Amid the pandemic, she came up with the concept of designing products that reflect the diversity of her Jeep fan base.

“I was looking for apparel for me as a Jeep owner, but I couldn’t find anything that reflected me as a black woman.” The Melanin Edition… basically apparel for the Melanin Jeeper.”

Davis started working with graphic designers and eventually at a company called Apparel Redefined in Crestwood. The company has her designs embroidered on her hats and printed on T her shirts. Her sales picked up as soon as she started selling her on her Etsy, her commerce platform.

“A group from South Africa ended up buying my apparel…it made my heart smile,” Davis said.

The company’s Jeep noticed her work and reached out to her in early January. These conversations ultimately led to Jeep officially licensing Melanated Jeep her apparel line.

“We are thrilled to have her be part of our licensing program,” said Kim Adams-House, who leads Jeep’s merchandising and licensing efforts. I knew there was something special when I saw her design, with its seven slot grille and different shades that represent the full culture of Islam.”

Davis’ apparel line is currently one of over 145 lifestyle licensees worldwide. It’s available on Jeep’s official Amazon store, and the company expects to make an official announcement in the coming weeks.

She says it was a dream come true for Davis and a big sacrifice.

“Coming from downtown Chicago and being here…thank God,” Davis said. “It’s been a three-year journey… Even if people don’t believe you, even if they think you’re crazy, you thought you couldn’t do it… well, I did.” !I did.”

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