Kerala priest drives 300km to Joshimath with relief items, dies in accident

Image source: SCREENGRAB from FACEBOOK video Father Melvin traveled by jeep on Wednesday.

A Marayari priest en route to disaster-hit Josimaat died Thursday after his car fell into a gorge. belonged to With relief supplies, he traveled nearly 300 km from Kotodwar in Uttarakhand to Joshimat.

Father Melvin traveled by jeep on Wednesday. He was later joined by another priest and an acquaintance of the priest’s house.

“We started around 10 am. We drive up the mountain with a car loaded with relief supplies. The priest there said the victims were short of supplies, but the weather is clear. I feel happy,” said Father Melvin. In a video recorded at the beginning of the trip.

As the trio neared their destination, the vehicle entered a snow-covered road, stranded the Jeep. After asking his companions to get off and give directions, Father Melvin drove the jeep towards the canyon.

His fellow travelers put a rock in front of the edge of the road to stop the car from moving further, but the car sped off and fell into a ravine. rice field. The priest’s body could only be recovered until Thursday night.

Thousands of people in Josimart were moved to temporary relief camps as land subsidence caused major cracks in their homes.

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