Lakeview woman charged with 5th OVI – Peak of Ohio

Bellefontaine police arrested Tiffany McMann of Lakeview on multiple charges after traffic stopped on the west side of the city Saturday morning.

Officers pulled over after McMann was driving across the centerline of Sandusky and Garfield streets.

The police were able to smell alcohol from the jeep.

McMann’s eyes were bloodshot and glossy. Her speech was slurred.

When asked about her alcohol consumption, McMann said she drank two and a half beers.

McMann agreed to a field sobriety test and failed. she was arrested.

Bellefontaine passenger Jennifer Bombauer was shaken by the police when they returned to the jeep.

She refused orders to get out of the car several times and was eventually arrested for public drunkenness. She was also charged with resisting her arrest for being unruly and trying to kick her police officer.

Police later found multiple open containers of alcoholic beverages inside the jeep.

McMann was taken to the Logan County Jail on two counts of OVI, obeying traffic control equipment, marked lanes, and opening a container.

Her previous OVI convictions were in 2011, 2015(2), and 2018.

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