LAOIS MOTORING: A freshen-up boosts appeal of Jeep Compass

Although the Jeep brand is owned by the Chrysler/Fiat Motor Company, the products still show all the capabilities of the true original. Show your jeep on dirt tracks and you will be impressed with its excellent offroad ability. Jeep is now a generic name for 4×4 vehicles, but it was the original true 4×4 of his.

However, the company recognizes that most SUV/crossover type vehicles rarely go off-road, so while Compass currently focuses on front-wheel drive, it also utilizes four-wheel drive. can.

A plug-in hybrid will join the lineup in 2023. All PHEV models are four-wheel drive, so we’re road testing this version this week.

So does it have street cred?

Clean lines and great color choices give the compass a very fresh and trendy style. The exterior trim and lighting have been tweaked to bring the Compass feel up to date. Yes, full marks for great looks with street cred.

what’s it like inside

It is the interior that has undergone a real makeover and is very welcoming. The quality of materials used has improved dramatically, and of course there is the sadly obligatory digital dashboard and his excellent 10.2-inch central touchscreen. The simplistic digital dashboard didn’t appeal to me.

The driving position itself is very comfortable, and the electrically adjustable driver’s seat offers support even on long trips. The standard equipment of the S version tested is great, too many to list here, but worth mentioning are dual zone climate control, park sensors, back camera, LED lights, 19 inch alloy, nice Sound system, heated front seats, dual-panel glass roof, blind spot monitoring, rear cross-path detection, navigation, Bluetooth, cruise control and numerous safety features.

It’s a comfortable interior that comfortably seats four adults, but the trunk is fairly small (because of the hybrid battery), but can be expanded by folding the rear seats.

what’s under the hood?

The hybrid’s 1.3-liter petrol GSE plug-in produces a combined 240bhp and is AWD.

Performance is decent, but 1.3 liters feels a bit cramped. The claimed 50km range on battery power alone is a bit optimistic. Plus, it burned an average of 5.8 liters per 100km in my week, which is only average these days. The road tax is €140.00 per year.

would i enjoy driving it?

The Jeep Compass has proven to be compact enough for urban work, yet large enough to take a small family on school runs or holidays. It’s a versatile and likeable SUV that drives well. On the highway, it cruises comfortably at the legal limit, but on rough country roads, the ride can be too stiff to feel supple.

the verdict?

The biggest challenge for the Jeep ilk is its relatively small presence in Ireland compared to rivals such as Nissan’s Qashqai and Renault’s Kadjar. It is quite a hurdle to climb. In addition, the Jeep His Compass compares very favorably with such rivals in most areas, but it simply seems to lack something that outweighs the opposition.

The hybrid AWD Jeep Compass S plug costs €54,995, which is also a lot of money. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a compact SUV with real off-road capability, the Compass is the mud master!

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