Latest quarterly survey from Automotive Logistics and RPM now live | News

The research is based on three previous quarterly surveys of companies based in Asia, Europe and North America. It is designed to assess the industry’s response to the latest challenges impacting the sector, including regulation, capacity constraints, labor issues, freight rate increases, equipment costs, fuel prices and sustainability goals. increase.

The results of a recently completed study show a widening range of challenges for FVL providers. They include workforce and capacity constraints. Market uncertainty continues to grow, as do concerns over fuel costs, volume fluctuations, unpredictable lead times and production disruptions. In terms of capacity constraints worldwide, the most severe impacts were recorded for road transport, followed by sea transport, rail and port terminals.

Survey results will be sent to all participants as part of the completed report as soon as the survey is completed. The current survey ends on his February 2nd.

As for the main issue of rising costs, the main challenge was fuel, followed by labor costs, equipment and fleet spending, and energy prices.

In addition, there are macroeconomic headwinds and uncertainties caused by the ongoing Ukrainian civil war, and severe inflationary impacts on businesses and consumers. This could now be exacerbated by periods of economic recession in most developed countries. This business environment makes it especially difficult for FVL providers to survive, thrive and invest in the future.

Both the automotive and logistics industries continue to struggle with staffing and hiring. This continues to have a major impact on the production and transportation of goods, especially in the transportation of complete vehicles by road and rail.

As with previous quarterly surveys, this fourth survey provides an overview of key trends impacting the sector and how they have changed over the course of the quarter as new developments become apparent. intended to show. You can participate in this survey to help gauge sector sentiment and what is perceived to be the biggest challenge and opportunity at the moment.

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