Law roundup: Skittish couple spotted around town

An employee expressed concern about a woman with a timid-looking man in a gray beanie. Kalispell Police Department. The woman reportedly asked the man for a hot dog, and the man responded positively that he would get it whenever he wanted. The employee said she thought the woman looked scared when she rode in the back seat of a white Jeep with an out-of-state license plate, and that the man wouldn’t give her the shoes.

Officers later said a bald man dressed in all black in a white jeep with out-of-state license plates ran in, out and around the building causing a disturbance after being told to evict at least 10 times. was notified.

But then I got a third call, this time with an employee calling me two “crackheads”, lying in the backseat of a white Jeep, arguing and lighting something up. The man said, “I’ll put your red paint all over my white car,” which they interpreted as meaning blood, and tried to run them over.

After enjoying breakfast at a restaurant, a woman returned to her car to find the back window had been smashed. She called the police and asked if it was safe to drive because the windows could collapse.

It is suspected that someone broke into an unlocked car. The owner found the geode and plastic end of the tobacco pipe missing.

The pickup is reportedly broken, and the Fitbit and “Scratch Off” are reported missing.

A fight in a parking lot left people covered in blood, and a man and a woman ended up in jail.

The police stopped pedestrians and warned them not to walk in the middle of the road.

Officers reportedly advised the man to stop his questionable behavior when he was seen digging a hole in the building with his hands behind the store and started lying on the ground and talking. It is reported.

The man was reportedly upset that the woman wouldn’t let him into the apartment because she had his phone. and banging on the windows.

Meanwhile, she said she followed the officer’s advice and had law enforcement present to hand over his property, which had been crammed by the door. said it can.

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