Layoffs, funding delays reported at Solera Auto Finance

Solera will unveil Solera Auto Finance at the NADA Show in March 2022 and is expected to reach 20 states by the end of the year. By August, we had reached 39 states and worked with over 2,000 dealers.

Solera Auto Finance was actively seeking business, said the second sales manager of Solera Auto Finance. The company’s monthly loan amount he had reached $25 million.

“Solera Auto Finance’s entry into the auto lending space has been a success and has been well received by dealers,” Casas said in a statement. But she said the current credit environment and consumer outlook “will require a more cautious approach for the foreseeable future.”

The first manager estimated that Solera Auto Finance began falling behind on financing deals in the fall.

The general manager of an independent dealer in the southern United States, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of his business relationship with Solera, said the first loan sent to Solera Auto Finance fell through around that time.

He said Solera agreed to purchase the BMW 4 Series on loan in October. He said the deal was “100% on track” and a deal has been struck.

“Returned transactions are subject to applicable dealer agreements between Solera Auto Finance and individual dealers,” Casas said.

Solera Auto Finance’s first sales manager said the company transferred funds for the October deal to dealers in November. He was due to cover the November loan in December, but “they couldn’t get around it,” he said. (One dealer client who was “dissatisfied enough” got a refund for the November transaction, but that was an exception, the manager said.)

“Solera Auto Finance continues to fund the transaction,” Casas wrote in response to allegations of delays in funding in the fall.

Another sales manager said representatives were prohibited from asking internally when the car dealership would receive the outstanding amount.

“Sales people were always able to reach out and stay in touch with underwriters and fundraising staff directly,” Casas replied.

According to a second sales manager, despite funding delays, Solera Auto Finance wanted to collect more loans from dealers and their customers. “We were still directed to seek a contract,” he said.

Casas said the lender has “adapted its underwriting standards to the current macroeconomic conditions and the business will continue to evolve as changes occur in the car lending space.”

A second manager said the company instructed representatives to tell dealers that they would be funding them. But dealers say it will take 30 to 60 days to fully heal.

“It’s a terrible mismanagement,” he said.

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