Lexus dealers excited for new electric, TX crossovers

The chairman of the Lexus National Dealer Advisory Council said Lexus dealers are looking forward to seeing the new products in their showrooms as they enter a very profitable year despite having the lowest inventory in the industry. .

John Iacono, partner of the BRAM Auto Group of 14 stores in New York City, is in his third year as chairman of the Lexus Council. Iacono said Lexus dealers are looking forward to adding the RZ 450e small electric crossover to their lineup in early 2023, giving the brand its first real Tesla competitor.

“If you [an EV] current buyers and you are buying [Tesla], compare RZ 450e looks, fit and finish, vehicle interiors, the type of support the buyer offers when they walk into a Lexus dealer, ease of doing business, care and support. The difference in levels of customer support is not even close to customer to customer. [Tesla] And being a Lexus, the opportunities are going to be really tremendous for us. ”

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