Like the business itself, Fixed Ops Journal is evolving

Starting in January, the Service and Parts page will be car news Every other week. Previously, he had only one page per month. Additionally, a weekly email newsletter is delivered to your inbox. This is an increase from the previous monthly e-newsletter.

In addition to the latest news, our weekly newsletter features video interviews with some of the best service and parts minds about the challenges they face and how they are being overcome. The newsletter also includes some of the magazine’s regular features, such as Legal Lane, Feedback, and Service Counter.

to both car news With our newsletter, our reporting focus remains the same. We will continue to consider HR issues such as training, hiring and compensation. Consider management strategies, including how to ditch silos and work with other dealer departments, and how best to market the dealer backend.

Interview the brightest minds in the business and capture the processes and best practices that drive departmental profitability and keep customers coming back.

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