Lithia Motors, Hendrick Automotive buy dealerships; Group 1 sells store

Hendrik Automotive and Partners Add Honda Stores

Hendrick Automotive Group of Charlotte, North Carolina partnered with Susan Stevenson to acquire Lejeune Honda Cars of Jacksonville, North Carolina, expanding its Honda dealership network to 18.

Hendrick said the group and Stevenson purchased the dealer on December 1 from Jerry Stevenson, Stevenson’s brother-in-law. According to Hendrick’s blog post on Dec. 2, they renamed the store Stevenson His Hendrick His Honda His Jacksonville. Jacksonville is east of Charlotte and north of Wilmington.

A spokesman for Hendrik Automotive told Automotive News that the acquisition will be the first for the group in 2022.

The more than 48,500-square-foot dealership sits on 7.4 acres and includes 28 service bays, Hendrick said.

“Susan is a great friend and business partner and this dealership is a great fit for our company,” said Rick Hendrick, chairman of Hendrick Automotive, in a statement. We will continue and develop it further.”

This is the fourth car dealership Hendrick and Susan Stevenson have partnered with. Others are Honda and Mazda dealers in Wilmington and Toyota dealers in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Hendrick ranked 6th car newsList of the top 150 US-based dealer groups that will sell 103,949 new vehicles in 2021.

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