Luka Doncic’s $200,000 ‘apocalypse proof’ jeep is worlds away from tiny car he got for his 18th birthday

Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic has a proven love of cars ranging from small cars to giants.

Doncic, 23, showed off his $200,000 deck Jeep Wednesday before his game against the Atlanta 2017 birthday.


Luka Doncic’s $200,000 Apocalypse Hellfire 6×6 Modified JeepCredit: Twitter/MarkJonesESPN
Luka Doncic and his 18th birthday present, Zastava 750 in Serbia


Luka Doncic and his 18th birthday present, Zastava 750 in SerbiaCredit: Facebook

At the time, the young NBA player posted a photo on Facebook holding a tiny 1980s Zastava 750.

He captioned the photo simply, “Birthday present” with a series of fun emojis.

The Zastava 750 is considered a supermini class vehicle. His 2 door based on Fiat 600, 767 engine 4 speed manual.

Manufactured in Kragujevac by Serbian automaker Zavod Crvena Zastava.

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At 4 feet 7 inches tall, it barely fits Doncic’s waist at 6 feet 7 tall.

Estimated to cost around $11,000, it is a desirable collectible.

Some comments on the original post pointed out how the car looks smaller when he’s leaning next to it.

“Get rid of the front seats and use the back seats,” said one commentator.

“Luka, I think you have to drive in the last seat,” was another piece of advice.

A third person asked him emphatically: “Do you fit in with the company?”

The fourth joked: “Now I can go to practice without my mom.”

Luka Doncic’s Apocalypse Proof Jeep

Serbia’s Zastava might have been enough for his first car for his 18th birthday, but now that he’s a star of the Dallas Mavericks, Doncic has taken his ride to the next level.

Doncic received an Apocalypse-proof Jeep from Apocalypse Manufacturing, which makes a heavily modified Jeep Gladiator and calls it the Apocalypse Hellfire.

This vehicle is meant to be “in front of you” and can even be compared to a monster truck. said of Hellfire:

But the website joked that it could be a “problem” car for driving in family-friendly neighborhoods.

Doncic is an avid car enthusiast and owns several very popular cars, including Mansory’s Lamborghini Urus and Akrapovic’s Porsche 911 Turbo S.

With an Audi A7, an electric Porsche Panamera and a 1967 Bronco.

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The 23-year-old Maverick point guard is a rising star in the NBA and is considered one of the best young players in the league.

He has already won three NBA All-Star Awards and an Allliga ACB First Team Award and has a special relationship with NBA legend LeBron James.

Luka Doncic in a Jeep Hellfire for the Mavericks


Luka Doncic in a Jeep Hellfire for the MavericksCredit: Twitter/MarkJonesESPN
Jeep Hellfire front view


Jeep Hellfire front viewCredit: Twitter/MarkJonesESPN
Jeep Hellfire side view


Jeep Hellfire side viewCredit: Twitter/CassidyHubbarth
Luka Doncic getting out of Jeep Hellfire


Luka Doncic getting out of Jeep HellfireCredit: Twitter/MarkJonesESPN

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