Luka Doncic’s Jeep: All You Need to Know About the Hellfire Apocalypse

Luka Doncic is hellfire apocalypseAs we all know, the Dallas Mavericks star has played exceptional basketball throughout his young NBA career. In fact, he did so during his Euroleague days as well.

Doncic now already has a net worth of around $25 million, so all of this would certainly have resulted in a fancy payout. I purchased Hellfire Apocalypse. Fans are sure to want to learn more about the Jeep and its special features.

Luka Doncic bought Hellfire Apocalypse for about $250,000

Or so TMZ reported, which isn’t a huge amount when looking at his overall net worth. That said, it’s certainly out of the ordinary person’s economic reach—Hellfire Apocalypse looks pretty intimidating and big. It has six wheels and looks more like a tank than a jeep.

The vehicle appears to be from a futuristic, apocalyptic era, hence the name. Apparently, Luka saw a movie with a similar vehicle and was so impressed that he spent enough money to get one for himself. But his ride is sure to stand out on the streets of Dallas.

The Hellfire Apocalypse is fitted with 44 inch tires, allowing it to stand very high in the air. It is black in color and can output up to 850 horsepower. In addition, it also has a nitrous system, which makes it incredibly fast, and the 1000 watt Music He kits as well. That’s not all. Luka Doncic’s new ‘tank’ also has infrared night vision, an infrared camera and a built-in safe.

we should certainly be wondering what baby birdThe plan is to use all this high tech equipment. Perhaps they are just for his safety. Given the recent fads surrounding him, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see him being stopped and heckled in public multiple times.

Either way, it clearly doesn’t matter to Doncic. He now has a vehicle that looks like a small weapon. Unfortunately, I doubt that his greater height will allow him to enter the game any faster.

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