Lynkwell raises $30M from investment firm affiliates

Lynkwell, an electric vehicle charging platform company that helps businesses and government agencies create their own branded charging networks, has raised $30 million in a new funding round.

Lynkwell will use the funding to build EV charging infrastructure across North America and integrate technology from service partners into its charging network. We invest in domestic supply chains to give our clients access to materials and U.S.-made equipment for project development. The company will also expand its business and extend support services for existing and new charging network developers.

Lynkwell’s funding will be in the form of an institutional investment agreement with an affiliate of Warren Equity Partners Management. Warren Equity Partners Management is a Jacksonville, Florida investment firm that specializes in the transportation, power, utilities, sewage, waste management, digital infrastructure, buildings and facilities sectors.

Lynkwell and Warren Equity Partners, based in Schenectady, New York, declined to disclose any new investors in Lynkwell and their holdings.

Warren Equity Partners Managing Director Mark Bilali said:

Lynkwell helps fund EV charging projects and provides customers with charging equipment, a software platform that allows users to set up their payment systems. It specializes in so-called white labeling, where products manufactured by one company are sold or rebranded into services that appear to have been manufactured by another company.

Lynkwell CEO Schuyler Poukish said: “Infrastructure His track record of investments in the service sector will be invaluable for the next chapter.”

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