Man accused of providing car to help Regency gunmen will claim dad drove SUV that day, trial told

Jason Bonney’s defense is that he was not driving a BMW in the area at the time of David Byrne’s murder, but his father was.

Jason Bonney’s defense says that when David Byrne was murdered at a hotel in 2016, he wasn’t driving a BMW in the area, but his father was.

The court also said Mr Bonney himself was not identified on CCTV anywhere other than at his home address.

Mr. Bonnie, who claims to have an alibi on facilitation charges, is on trial alongside Gerald Hatch, who has been charged with murder.

Meanwhile, one of the state’s final witnesses began testifying today and will continue to do so tomorrow.

Mr Hutch, 59, of The Paddox in Clontarf, Dublin, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Kinahan gang member David Byrne, 32, on 5 February 2016.

He is killed when three raiders five in disguise as ERU gardai with assault rifles storm the hotel.

The attack at the boxing weigh-in fueled a feud in the Kinahanhatch gang.

Mr Bonnie, 52, of Drumnay Wood, Portmarnock, and Paul Murphy, 61, of Cherry Avenue, Swords, have denied providing vehicles to the strike team.

Former Sinn Fine councilor Jonathan Dowdall, who had been charged with murder, pleaded guilty to facilitation by helping to book a room at the Regency occupied by the attackers. He claims in evidence that it was Gerald Hatch who came to pick up the keys after the room was booked.

Today, John Fitzgerald SC showed what a client’s defense would look like while cross-examining Garda Michelle Purcell for Mr. Bonnie.

He said it was the defense’s case that Mr. Bonnie did not drive his SUV south of Newbrook Avenue in Donnamede on the day of the Regency shooting.

This location is northeast of the Regency Hotel in Whitehall.

“Our case is that the car was driven south of Newbrook Avenue by the father,” Fitzgerald said.

Gda Purcell said he could not comment on this, but Bonney’s BMW X5 was allegedly seen on various CCTV locations, although Bonney himself was only identified in footage outside of his Portmarnock address. agreed to be

Sarah Skedd, Senior Intelligence Analyst at Gardai, attests to creating spreadsheets, charts, timelines and maps for courtrooms by combining sources of evidence such as telephone data CCTV footage, license plate recognition and statements Did.

Prosecutor Fiona Murphy SC confronted her with evidence beginning with the alleged trip Jonathan Dowdall and his father Patrick took to Straben, County Tyrone on February 4, 2016, the day before the attack. .

The court heard their calls had moved north that morning, and in the early afternoon, the PSNI called Bankrana Garda station to report a suspicious vehicle moving in Strabane. The registration was Jonathan Dowdall’s Land Cruiser.

At 3:06 pm, the phone of his wife Patricia, still in Dublin, called the Regency Hotel, and at 3:11 pm, Patrick Dowdall. At 3:14pm and 3:16pm, there was a similar series of calls from her phone.

The car passed the southbound M1 toll booth at 5:04 PM, and Jonathan and Patrick Dowdall’s calls returned to the Phoenix Park area at 6:15 PM.

Jonathan Dowdall claims he drove to Richmond Road that night, where he handed Gerald Hatch the keys to the hotel room his father had booked.

Skedd’s medical records showed that his son’s phone connected to the Regency mobile site at 7:40 pm after Patrick Dowdal picked up the keys from the hotel and left at 7:37 pm.

Patrick Dowdall’s phone was connected to the Richmond Builders cell site at 7:45 p.m.

Ms Skedd also showed evidence of movement in a brightly colored Toyota Avensis cab and a black BMW X5. Prosecutors say they were driven by Murphy and Bonnie.

Both Murphy’s taxi and Bonnie’s SUV were allegedly part of the convoy that parked at the GAA property of St. Vincent in Marino prior to the Regency attack and then transported the assassination team.

The court was shown a chart detailing CCTV footage that allegedly recorded taxi movements on the day of the murder, along with location data and fare receipts from Mr. Murphy’s cell phone.

The receipt was said to “match in time” with the trip on film. Skedd said timing for the 1.3km fare started at 1:14pm and Murphy saw him arrive at the Maxol service station on Howth Road. He departed and at 1:22 pm a cab is said to have arrived at his pub Beachcomber in Killester.

Mr. Bonney’s BMW X5 was allegedly spotted parked at a GAA club in St. Vincent after the murder, when the six attackers ran down an alleyway to a waiting car.

In one, a man wearing a flat cap is said to have been seen getting into a BMW and being chased away after the murder.

Late opposition Republican Kevin “Flat Cap” Murray has been identified as one of the Regency gunmen.

An SUV is seen passing by a beachcomber, where a taxi pulls out and follows it. The two cars were caught on CCTV that day, driving a convoy of vehicles before making a different turn on Malahide Road after the murder.

Ms Skedd’s testimony continues tomorrow before Justices Tara Burns, Sarah Berkeley and Grainne Malone.

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