Manheim and Black Book’s used vehicle data

what they are: We closely track two indicators of used car wholesale prices that are released monthly and semi-monthly. Both indices track year-over-year and month-over-month changes in wholesale prices.

Where they are from: The Mannheim Index is a measure of the wholesale price of used vehicles, compiled by tracking vehicles sold at US auctions and applying statistical analysis to those figures. The Black Book index calculates the published wholesale average for vehicles aged 2 to 6 years as a percentage of his MSRP of the normally fitted original.The index is also aggregated from daily vehicle price updates and obtained “through hundreds of wholesale physical and online auto auctions” in the United States.

how to use: Two indicators show the ups and downs of wholesale prices and influence retail prices. Dealers monitor metrics to get a better understanding of pricing conditions at wholesale auctions. In addition to providing historical pricing data, Manheim and Black Book experts discuss retail pricing trends, how consumer habits affect pricing, and why wholesale prices are declining for certain vehicle segments. .

Possible exploitation methods: The index does not incorporate pricing data from all US wholesale auctions, thus providing a more generalized overview. Mannheim says on the index’s website that the index “should not be taken as an indication or prediction” of individual remarketer results.

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