Marelli returns from restructuring with a new game plan

This includes preparing for accelerating EV sales around the world in the next few years. Marelli, which has significant business related to conventional powertrains and exhaust systems, is taking a regional approach to electrification, he said.

The company believes market demand and government policies are driving the rapid adoption of EVs in Europe and China. The company plans to employ approximately 1,000 engineers in India to strengthen its technical operations in India.

Marelli will manufacture components for internal combustion engine vehicles in these markets as automakers look to regionalize their supply chains. However, in Europe and China, Slump said he will reorganize factories to produce his EV parts for those markets.

“It would be difficult to integrate the former Kansei and Marelli because of the large footprint of 140 factories,” he said. “Or you can say, ‘Wow, there are 140 plants nearby.'”

“So in Brazil and India we believe the long tail of ICE powertrains will continue, while in Europe and elsewhere we believe they are moving towards electrification.”

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