Maruti Suzuki price hike: January 2023

Maruti Suzuki raises vehicle prices by about 1.1% for all models

Photo: Times Now Digital

Maruti Suzuki announced last month that it will increase the price of its products in January 2023. Now, the company has announced a price hike of around 1.1% across its product range in India.
Maruti Suzuki, which had raised the prices of its products in April 2022, is now raising prices again for the entire product range. This is the company’s second price increase this year.

The company previously cited higher input costs and compliance with stricter emissions standards, which will come into force from April 2023, as the main drivers for this price increase.

Regarding recent price increases in regulatory filings, Maruti Suzuki said: From January 16, 2023”.

Maruti Suzuki now has a wide range of passenger cars in the country, from the entry-level hatchback Alto to the flagship SUV Grand Vitara with a former showroom price of Rs 33,900.
Maruti Suzuki unveiled two new products at Auto Expo 2023. His SUV Fronx, a ‘wind’ crossover based on the Baleno hatchback and his five-door 4X4 SUV, the Jimny, the successor to the domestic Gypsy. The company has also opened pre-orders for these two cars through Nexa dealers, but has yet to announce pricing.

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