McLaren 750S to supplant 720S flagship with more horsepower

The 750S will be available in coupe and convertible variants at launch, a rarity for McLaren, which typically launches convertibles two years later. There is no LT (long tail) variant.

Output will be limited but not numbered, sources said. Historically, McLaren’s limited-production models have run in the hundreds.

Late last year, McLaren Americas president Nicholas Braun alluded to the new model, calling it “the refinement of the 720.”

Refusing to disclose details, Brown said car news In December, he said, “This is not a next-generation, all-new, ground-up vehicle.”

Sources say the 750S will be unveiled in late February, with a full reveal scheduled for April. 2023-2024 in the US will be virtually sold out from expected bookings, sources say.

Pricing hasn’t been revealed yet, but sources say the 750S is 10% more expensive than the 720S, starting at $310,500 including shipping.

Production of the 720S ended last month and accounted for about 30% of McLaren’s U.S. sales last year.

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