McLaren recalls just launched Artura in U.S. for faulty nuts

McLaren Automotive is recalling 164 new Artura plug-in hybrid supercars in the U.S. due to a faulty high-pressure fuel pipe nut causing a fuel leak.

According to a safety recall report posted on NHTSA’s website, a loose nut “breaks the seal between the fuel pipe end flare and the pump outlet sealing cone” and can cause a fuel leak.

Reports say the end flare is located near an engine component. NHTSA states that fuel leaks in the presence of heat, such as hot engine components, can increase the risk of fire.

According to the report, cold-formed nuts can potentially loosen from fuel pump threaded outlet connections “especially during dynamic driving maneuvers commonly associated with trucking.”

McLaren has identified a 15mm cold formed nut with rounded threads as the source of the problem. Automakers replace high pressure fuel pipes with cold formed nuts and rolled threads with new high pressure fuel pipes with 16.5mm fully machined threaded nuts.

No crashes or injuries related to this issue.

Hit by software and supply chain delays, Artura’s US shipments first began in October and are expected to increase in January.

McLaren spokesperson Roger Ormischer said. car news Fewer than 50 affected vehicles were in customer hands. Most are from dealer demo vehicles or automaker press and marketing vehicles.

“McLaren takes safety and quality very seriously, which is why we have chosen to initiate a safety recall to replace fuel line nuts on McLaren Alturas,” the automaker said in an emailed statement. . “While the number of customer-owned vehicles affected is relatively small, McLaren has acted with great care to immediately eliminate any potential safety risks associated with this matter. “

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