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Mercedes-Benz’s EQB is called a crossover SUV (body type formerly called MPV). The ground clearance is slightly higher than the MPV, and the overhead space is a little less, so it’s an SUV because it’s based on the GLB. But the GLB is a B-Class successor, a crossover, a 7-seater, and definitely classed as a mini MPV. marketing drones, and I prefer the MPV over the SUV/CUV version. But it’s a very personal thing.

The Mercedes B-Class is a C-segment mini MPV and sibling to the A-Class’ C-segment hatchback. The A-Class is a direct rival to the Audi A3 and BMW 2 Series. It’s nice to have MPV/CUV/SUV versions, but honestly, why are they called separate models? The difference between the EQS and the EQS SUV is much greater. EQB can be thought of as an EQA SUV. Mercedes isn’t the only brand that has a hard time deciding between models and model families. Many others are worse.

Great for young families with kids or dogs, or older folks who don’t like big cars. In both cases, there are use cases that would benefit from a little more scope. The standard range version is quite good, but the long range option is unfortunately missed. The manager of Mercedes-Benz, which defines the model line, Mercedes feels like he sees the Benz as a second car for soccer moms to complement their larger vehicles.

With 7 seats, you can bring half your team to training or a match, perfect for soccer moms/dads. But when you go hiking with Scout’s six children, you’re clearly a Marlborough man. Yeah, big difference. I sat in the second row seat. It was not the place to do a long road trip. At least, not my bloated butt.

When testing this vehicle and writing my onest Impression review, this is a point worth noting.But clean technica , the perfect reviewer for this model is in America, a real garage-raised Marlboro woman with a wrench in hand. She has her four children, two dogs, and a partner, and she’s as proficient with guns as she is with wrenches. She has her one week very thorough review of this kind of vehicle. Alongside her EQS, the EQB is also included in a small line of all-electric models offered by Mercedes-Benz in the United States. specification:

  • Battery — 66.5 kWh, about 220 miles of range.
  • Battery — 70.5kWh, approximately 233 miles of range (EQB 250+).
  • Motor — 140 kW and 385 Nm, front-wheel drive.
  • Motor — 168 kW and 390 Nm, all-wheel drive (EQB 300).
  • Motor — 215 kW and 520 Nm, all-wheel drive (EQB 350).
  • Charging — 115 kW DC and 11 kW AC.
  • Euro NCAP — 5 Stars (*****)
  • Length * Width * Height — 175.7 inches * 72.2 inches * 63.8 inches

Speed ​​is limited to 160 km/h, or about 100 miles per hour.

Available in 5-seater and 7-seater layouts, the middle row moves to provide more legroom when the third row is not in use.


This speed exceeds the maximum speed allowed in Europe and most other countries, with the exception of the German Autobahn. With a small battery and a not very aerodynamic body, driving at high speed severely limits range.

The EQB’s many features, at least on paper and in the showroom, justify its classification and price as a luxury car. This is another thing to look into when trying to do this vehicle justice in our full review. Prices range from €60,000 to €72,000 for 10 different configurations and trim levels, with options to customize to your liking. need to do it.

I often value ease of use over driving characteristics. real car journalistIn terms of usability, this model looks very tall after visiting the showroom.Anything with a seven-passenger configuration has a van-like trunk in five-passenger mode. If the second row can also be flattened (another matter of investigation), teeth small van.

It’s easy to see why the EQA/EQB is the most popular electric model in the Mercedes-Benz lineup.

Mercedes EQB second row

Mercedes EQB front

Mercedes EQB front

Mercreed's EQB page

Mercedes EQB side

Mercedes EQB back

Mercedes EQB back

Mercedes EQB Trunk

Mercedes EQB trunk 3rd row, hidden under carpet




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