Mercedes Giving $7,900 Bonus To Employees With Profit-Sharing Scheme

Since 1997, Mercedes has shared a portion of its profits with its employees. In 2022 he earned an additional €6,000 as a “mark of respect” after around 100,000 workers made a profit in his 2021. At current exchange rates, that’s just over $7,900. Fat bonuses will be distributed to approximately 93,000 eligible employees.

The company’s management and the Directorate General of Employees have agreed to pay this special lump-sum payment to German workers. They will receive the money along with his April salary. Interestingly, this amount is even higher than the current maximum payout limit of €6,465 for him. From fiscal year 2023, a new system will be established for the calculation of profit sharing bonuses. Mercedes says the new strategy “works with existing systems for management”.

These generous bonuses come as Mercedes agrees to spend a whopping $47 billion by the end of the decade to fund its electric lineup. It plans to offer only EVs in 2019 “as market conditions permit.” To that end, we are designing several new platforms such as MMA for small cars, MB.EA for medium to large cars and AMG.EA for performance. model. Additionally, VAN.EA supports minivans and commercial vehicles.

Together with partners, Mercedes will build more than eight battery plants to support its ever-growing electric range. He plans to cut internal combustion engine development budgets by 80% by 2026, which will have a direct impact on the workforce for cost savings. For similar reasons, the compact car line-up is also expected to be simplified, with A-class hatchbacks and sedans and B-class minivans disappearing.

Mercedes expects hybrid and electric vehicles to account for half of its total annual sales by 2025, five years earlier than originally forecast.

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