Merit Awards Announces Winners of Automotive & Transportation Awards

Irvine, CA–(business wire)– The Merit Awards, an independent awards program that recognizes global industries and their markets, today announced the winners of the Merit Awards for Automotive and Transportation. The Automotive and Transportation Merit Awards were judged based on submissions that represent the best in current and next-generation automotive and transportation solutions, innovations, and technologies.

Merit Awards Executive Director Marie Zander said: “This year’s submissions will be an exciting year as they clearly demonstrate the advancements in today’s automotive and transportation industry.”

Achievement Awards for Winners in the Automotive and Transportation category include:

auto tech

Money: pave

Silver: Aurora Institute

bronze: BMW USA

battery logistics

Money: Ascend Element

Silver: renault group

Electric car

Money: envirotech car

Silver: Ascend Element

bronze: Rivian Automotive


Money: Are known

Silver: pave

bronze: hyundai car

public transport

Money: cruise

Silver: uber

bronze: Kavenue

The 2023 Wireless/Telecom/Mobile Category Merit Awards have been published.

About Excellence Award

The Merit Awards are designed to recognize the efforts that the global industry and its markets have to offer, and recognize companies that have contributed to the continued growth of the market. Merit Awards are judged by industry executives, Merit Awards staff, media representatives and consultants. For more information, please visit his website at

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