Michigan auto group sued for disability discrimination

The former service adviser, who was replaced after several hospitalizations, sued a group of Kalamazoo, Michigan dealers for disability discrimination and violations of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Heather Crummel’s lawsuit, filed December 21, accuses Maple Hill Auto Group of unlawfully firing her without warning while on medical leave and failing to demonstrate that the leave caused problems for the store. are doing. The company has franchises for Subaru, Hyundai, Volvo, Volkswagen, Genesis and Audi.

Jim Vandenberg, owner and general manager, said: car news He could not comment on the incident.

The store hired Crummel as a service advisor in October 2017 and was first hospitalized in early 2019, according to the complaint. I used it a few times before my layoff in December.

The month before her dismissal, management gave her a high performance rating, saying she was the service team’s sales leader in “use of tests” and second in “sales from tests.” , also said it has received positive reviews from customers in the service sector.

Her replacement reportedly started working the same day Crummel was medically cleared to return to work.

A lawsuit seeking reinstatement and damages alleges that Maple Hill could have addressed her disability by granting her request for extended medical leave.

Her attorney, Channing Robinson Holmes, said Crummel “was a valued employee until she started having health problems and needed medical leave.

“At that point, Maple Hill saw her as a problem and, surprisingly, told her that she didn’t really need the treatment that doctors had banned. Crummel could have gotten better from her employer.” You deserve it,” said Robinson-Holmes. car news on mail.

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