Michigan firefighters pull man to safety moments before train plows into overturned Jeep: video

A Michigan firefighter was caught on video racing to rescue a man safely after his car overturned in a car crash and rolled into the path of an oncoming train, officials said.

Portage police and firefighters responded to reports that two vehicles collided at the intersection of Shaver Road and West Center Avenue around 6:20 a.m. Friday, Portage Public Safety said.

First responders arrived and found a Chevrolet Cruze with a badly damaged front end at the intersection and a Jeep overturned and straddling the tracks.

Authorities said the driver of the jeep was still in the vehicle and was unable to move due to back pain.

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Two firefighters dragged the injured driver to safety, and the overturned car was driven through by the train.
(Portage Public Security Bureau)

Just as firefighters began evaluating the driver, officials said the train’s whistle blew and the train’s level crossing signal began flashing.

The train hit a man's overturned jeep in Portage, Michigan.

The train hit a man’s overturned jeep in Portage, Michigan.
(Portage Public Security Bureau)

“Firefighters, realizing what was about to happen, dragged the jeep driver to safety and pulled him to safety just seconds before the southbound train entered the intersection and collided with the vehicle. I took him to,” he said.

The train dragged the carriage several feet until the car hit a telephone pole.

The train dragged the carriage several feet until the car hit a telephone pole.
(Portage Public Security Bureau)

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The jeep driver was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Updates on his condition were not immediately available. The driver of the Chevy Cruz was unharmed.


Police said the cause of the crash is under investigation.

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