Mitsubishi dealers prepare for better supply, new trims

“Dealers are still hungry for goods,” Herod said. “We are finally starting to have a good supply of Outlanders. Dealers are selling all the Mirage, Outlander Sport and Eclipse Cross available.”

Despite the loss of federal tax credit for the Outlander crossover plug-in hybrid this year, demand remains strong given its competitive pricing and features compared to its competitors, Herod said. His new EV incentive currently only covers vehicles built in North America. The Outlander is imported from Japan.

Another positive is the return of the Ralliart sub-brand for 2023, adding a sporty touch, said Herod. Dealers have also seen a trail version of the Outlander Sport coming for model year 2024, which will compete better with off-road flavored models from rival brands.

Otherwise, Mitsubishi didn’t provide much product news.

“Do dealers want to hear about more products and stuff like that? Absolutely,” Herod said. It means we have to stabilize dealer inventories with stuff.”

Mitsubishi Motors North America CEO Mark Chaffin said his message to dealers focused on successful progress in rebuilding the brand together. “We don’t stop here,” he said car news“We have a plan and we will continue that momentum into 2023.”

Dealers are most interested in vehicle supply, Chaffin said. Because retailers are selling every vehicle they can get and “want more vehicles.” Barring global disruptions, Mitsubishi expects to stabilize supply in the new year.

The automakers also said they were “keeping an eye on the market” as they expected slowing U.S. economic growth, adding: “Looking at the economy, there are many headwinds and fears of a recession and market slowdown. ‘ said.

When it comes to electric vehicles, Mitsubishi is focusing on the Outlander plug-in, which will hit the 2023 model year.

“For us, it’s all about the new electrified Outlander.”

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