Mitsubishi, Ford, Nissan, Infiniti dealerships trade hands

Brian Vonderheide is a first-time new car dealer owner. He is currently a Dealer Principal for Mountain Mitsubishi (formerly Planet Mitsubishi Hickory) in Hickory, North Carolina, in the western part of the state after purchasing the shop on September 20th.

Vonderheide has many years of experience managing Canon Motor Company franchise dealers, primarily in northern Mississippi. Most recently, she owned The Collection of Tupelo, a used car dealership in Mississippi that specializes in luxury brands. Mitsubishi Corporation.

In a telephone interview, Mr. Vonderheide said that owning and running a used-car shop was a “stepping stone” to opening his own new-car shop.

He chose to pursue Mitsubishi as a distributor because he sees it as an up-and-coming brand, which makes Mitsubishi more interested in good dealer relationships than other brands. said.

“Mitsubishi is the only manufacturer I looked for. I specifically looked for Mitsubishi dealers because I wanted something that would create a better relationship with the manufacturer,” he said. “I’m growing. This is my first dealership. I have to grow with it. And I believe Mitsubishi is on a growth strategy.”

The sales dealer was Helmi Felfel, president of Planet Automotive Group in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Planet Group has another Mitsubishi store, also called Planet Mitsubishi, and a Planet Kia dealer, both in Charlotte.

DCG Acquisitions, a Dave Cantin Group company, worked with both parties to facilitate the Mitsubishi dealer transaction. DCG Acquisitions managing directors Robert Turbyfill and Michael Lacey worked on the transaction.

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