Most U.S. Ford dealers sign on to automaker’s EV mandates

Not everyone agrees.

The New York dealership suing Ford argues that program provisions barring unauthorized dealers from selling EVs are illegal.

“All dealers under current franchise agreements have the right to all Ford vehicles manufactured under that nameplate to include the latest EVs,” said one of the attorneys representing the dealers. Rich Sox said in an interview. “They have the right to equitably allocate these vehicles based on market size, sales history, etc. This means that all dealers will have access to EVs and the program will arbitrarily create his 3 It’s about not falling into one of the two categories.”

Ford claims it plans to continue investing in gasoline vehicles under the Ford Blue business unit to help dealers who don’t sell EVs continue to be successful.

“Dealers who lose their ability to sell and service EVs, the future of the auto industry, will quickly lose profits and eventually go out of business,” the New York dealer wrote in the lawsuit.

An Illinois protest, and a complaint filed with the Arkansas Automobile Commission in October, raise similar points.

The Illinois dealer said, “Ford will continue to pursue new and potentially new potential contracts that dealers have existing contractual and statutory rights to unless they agree to the extreme and unreasonable anti-franchise terms that Ford is alleging. “Certainly, there is nothing ‘voluntary’ in Ford’s illegal take-it-or-leave-it program.”

Despite the opposition, Farley said last week that he doesn’t regret rolling out the program.

“There’s always a better way,” he said. “But I don’t think we made a big mistake.”

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