Netizens tweet about flagrant parking by police jeep in Mysuru | Mysuru News

MYSURU: approach the two police jeep Driver/Police Charged with Obstructing Traffic in Congestion D Devaraj Urs Road Be vigilant by parking your vehicle on the street netizen once again informed the top police officer that the police driver had made the mistake of parking flagrantly.
A Twitter user posted a photo of a police jeep and tagged the senior officer’s Twitter handle. They captioned it, “On what moral grounds do you fine the public when you yourself disobey them?” This was brought to the attention of Alok Kumar, Deputy Director General of the Police (Law and Order), who responded that he would immediately “take corrective action”.
The Jurisdiction Devaraja traffic police officer said he took notice of the issue and acted against the erring driver. It was a Bengaluru registered vehicle and may have been stopped on a busy road by a VIP duty official.
Twitter user Darshan Babu P said: Devaraj Urs road”.
Even the police have acknowledged the problem of lack of parking spaces on commercial roads. There have been discussions about this issue, but nothing concrete has happened in this regard. As a result, incidents like this have become commonplace on the streets.
Veerabhadrappa, president of the Devaraj Urs Road Tenants Association, told TOI that more than a year and a half has passed since officials told the city hall or Nanjaraja Bahadur Choultry to provide parking space, but no decision has been made yet. .
“Repair work is underway and tenants will park their vehicles there as soon as the facility is ready. Devraj Urs Road It’s being developed on cement roads,” he said.
Mayor Shivakumar said the Mysuru city council, scheduled for February 3, will discuss tolls and parking issues on the city’s Devaraj Urs Road and Ashoka Road.

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