New 2023 Audi A3 spotted in sporty S3 guise

We’ve caught our test of the updated Audi A3 in saloon form before, but now it’s time for the S3 hot hatch. Despite the usual camouflage, you can clearly see some of the exterior tweaks Audi has in store for his S3.

The A3’s longtime rival, the Mercedes A-Class, has received a mid-life update for 2022. This included a refresh of the A35 and A45 S models developed by AMG. Audi has its pinnacle future in his RS 3 in mind (the RS 3 just ended sales in the UK), but his slightly less ballistic S3 model lives on.

In addition to the revitalized A-Class hot hatch, the S3’s hot hatch segment has plenty of rivalry as it recently won a new Honda Civic Type R and soon faces the facelifted BMW M135i. Judging by these latest spy shots, the S3 will receive a reshaped front bumper and new grille inserts, replacing the current car’s honeycomb design. The headlights will also get a new signature, but hopefully the customized LED party pieces will remain.

The taillight cluster looks unchanged at first glance, but here too the LED signature has been changed with more individual lights. The S3’s trademark quad exhaust layout is retained, but underneath the camouflage is a new rear bumper design.

These changes are the same as those seen on the regular facelifted A3 sedan. A new two-dimensional Audi badging has been applied to the grille, hopefully offering even more alloy wheel options.

The S3’s powertrain is unlikely to change with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that sends power to all four wheels. If sales of the RS 3 were permanently discontinued, it could increase power beyond the 306bhp and 400Nm of torque produced by the current car.

This test car exterior change isn’t the only modification Audi can make to the A3, as the model could introduce a fully electric version and an SUV in the near future.

Tests have already been confirmed for a jacked-up A3 Citycarver, which may incorporate the same exterior and interior tweaks as the facelifted A3. A higher-riding Citycarver variant also sits between the Q2 and Q3 SUVs.

For the regular A3, the company will launch its last fossil fuel vehicle in Europe in 2025, so this facelift is likely the model’s final internal combustion engine development.

We’ve seen the A3 name using Audi’s e-tron badge on previous-generation plug-in hybrid models. .

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