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Newsletters include Overheard, 1 Thing We’re Talking About, Legal Lane, Spotlight, and more, and this week WrenchWay’s Jay Goninen answers 15 questions. His answer that his first CD purchase was Criss Cross made me wonder if he had been wearing his clothes upside down for a while. (IYKYK)

Each issue features video conversations with leading thinkers and innovators in the service and parts space. This week, Quantum5’s Dave Foy (also known as Fixed Ops Mastermind) discusses the importance of alignment between sales and service. Just as Batman needed Robin, the mastermind sought insight from Deb Masek, a professor and social psychiatrist who studies workplace collaboration. The two emphasize the benefits of working together.

Money Quote from Foy: “For the customer, the dealership is one place. It’s not the sales department, the parts department, or the service department. It’s the X dealership. And that’s the experience the customer wants. Unfortunately And when they go, there’s a sort of “everyone for themselves” mentality. ”

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