New Sketch From Chevrolet Shows An Answer To The Ford Bronco And Jeep Wrangler

GM’s off-road vehicle could be the first fully electric vehicle in the segment, rivaling the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler.

Sketch Chevrolet off-roader.

In recent years, the growing global demand for SUVs has also benefited a closely related vehicle category – the true off-road vehicle category. It’s good that the manufacturer has had a suitable product in its model range for some time and can respond quickly to growing demand. This is what happened with the Jeep, which has offered an unrivaled Wrangler he off-roader for most of its range since 1987, and is now on sale in its fourth generation, with success. For a long time, potential competitors remained low-key until Ford seized the opportunity in 2020, bringing the Bronco back to North America, to great success. , their product may not be left alone forever. In any case, the in-house design studio has now released sketches of the Chevrolet off-roader, which has definitely whet our appetite for a production version.

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A true rebirth of the Chevrolet Blazer

Parked 1969 Chevy K5 Blazer
mecham auction

Front and back views of a 1969 Chevy K-5 Blazer

The off-roader sketch was shared on General Motors Design’s official Instagram account and is from General Motors Creative Designer Dylan Schmidt. Even if you can’t see the brand logo at first glance, the off-roader’s horizontal V-shaped taillights tell the Chevrolet-ness. So this model could actually be a true remake of the Blazer, and rather than transforming into an SUV, this could be a real off-roader.

The sketch from a top-down perspective only gives a rough outline of the model, but it at least gives an idea of ​​where Chevy’s design could go in the next few years. It has a wide face and an angled town hall, and the off-road tires tucked inside create a nice contrast. The roof is also visually appealing with its contrasting black color. This blends well with the green bodywork and gives the model a touch of visual adventure.

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Will Bronco rival Chevrolet adopt electric drive or keep the combustion engine?

2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV

Red Chevrolet Blazer EV on track.

Even without the side windows and real roof section, you can get a glimpse of the interior. Here you can see four separate brown sport seats that blend nicely with the other green elements of the interior. The huge spare wheel in the luggage compartment is particularly eye-catching, albeit at the expense of luggage space.

A closer look reveals that this model could actually be a pure electric off-roader. If you look closely between the two rows of seats, you can’t see the center tunnel. This could indicate that this off-roader is powered by at least two separate electric motors on the front and rear axles to produce standard all-wheel drive. drive. Of course, this is just speculation, but a tip worth pursuing further.

While pure electric versions of the Wrangler and Bronco are still waiting in the wings, General Motors can enter a true niche market and roll up the market from behind. , now take off first.

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