NHTSA investigates Kia Telluride over high-beam headlight failure reports

U.S. motor vehicle safety regulators have begun investigating nearly 87,000 Kia Telluride heavy-duty crossovers from model year 2020 after reports of the complete loss of high beams without warning.

NHTSA’s Fault Investigation Office said it had received 23 complaints claiming high beams had been completely lost and had not been reconnected.

A report released Tuesday said some complaints claimed “reduced visibility at night, requiring replacement of the headlight unit.”

“A failure of the high beam exterior light system can reduce the visibility of the vehicle’s driver,” increasing the risk of collisions leading to injury and property damage, officials said.

No injuries, accidents or fatalities were listed in the report.

Kia America did not immediately respond car news Request for comments.

The agency initiated an investigation, known as a preliminary assessment, to assess the scope, frequency and potential safety risks of suspected defects.

Most NHTSA investigations begin as a preliminary evaluation, where agency engineers request information from manufacturers, including data on complaints, injuries, and warranty claims. Manufacturers can also give their opinion on alleged defects and issue recalls.

After evaluation, NHTSA will either close the investigation or move on to the next phase. According to NHTSA, if a safety-related defect exists, the agency can send a recall request letter to the manufacturer.

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