NHTSA’s crash data on automated-driving technology

what is that: Since July 2021, the federal government has been collecting data on crashes involving vehicles with advanced driver assistance and automated driving systems. Crash reports include details such as the name of the reporting company, the type of vehicle involved, the severity and damage of the crash, and whether any injuries or deaths occurred. New data is released around the 15th of each month.

Where did you come from: This data, collected by an NHTSA mandate issued last year, asks vehicle, equipment, and software manufacturers of advanced driver assistance and automated driving systems to report damage or injury within 30 seconds of a crash when the system is activated. I’m asking you to report a conflict if it occurs. Businesses covered by the order must report to authorities within 24 hours of learning of the incident and provide additional updates by a specified time frame.

how to use: This data helps NHTSA identify and investigate potential defect trends and collisions, and provides information about how pedestrians and other vehicles interact with the system. Authorities have used the data to initiate new investigations and recalls and inform ongoing safety investigations.

Possible exploitation methods: Data are limited, showing the number of vehicles on U.S. roads equipped with these technologies, the total mileage of vehicles driven during the reporting period, and how many vehicles were equipped with neither technology. It lacks proper context, such as how it compares. Therefore, it cannot be used to draw meaningful conclusions or compare system safety or crash rates between manufacturers.

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